Tales of Ordica

S1E1 - Tales of Ordica: Book 1 Part 1

In Which We Meet A Troll

Thanks for listening to part one of the Tales of Ordica!

Blurb: For centuries Earth's most important secret has been guarded from falling into the wrong hands. Gateways to other worlds and dimensions have been protected from those who would dare to exploit their power for the purpose of evil. But when young Everic Ashford visits his aunt's lake house and discovers a magical pond, he's thrust into an adventure beyond all understanding. There he meets a talking raven, a grumpy troll, and other strange and peculiar characters while fighting to save a world from the universe's most dangerous threat.

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Into and Outro music is called Learn to Fly and produced by Josh Woodward. I've been a huge fan of his for years and I highly recommend checking out his website at joshwoodward.com. His library is AMAZING & enormous!

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Want more? Keep an ear to the sky! Tales of Ordica aims to release two episodes per month. However, I work a full time job and raising a family. I produce everything from scratch with love. So everything may not always come out on time. But trust me - there is PLENTY of story to be told! And I intend to tell you all of it. :]

~ Scott Jimmo

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